Philosophy, Vision, Mission


"Faith, Faith, Justice, Society"


"Center of Excellence in Health Sciences and Medical Science"


1. Produce graduates in Health Science and Medical Sciences. Quality meets the needs of the country. And internationally recognized

2. Provide academic services and transfer knowledge of health science and medical science to the community. To develop community standards Society and Entrepreneurship

3. Conserve, develop, and centralize health care services and apply knowledge. Information on culture and arts to international

4. Research, innovation and health knowledge into local development. As well as the development of Thai wisdom to the international.


Emphasis on the palace Cultivate knowledge Adherence to virtue Is a global learning organization


As a professional, expert, expert, competent communication, thinking, public mind.


1. W (Wisdom & Creativity): Intelligence and Creativity

2. H (Happiness & Loyalty): Well-being and loyalty to the organization.

3. I (Integration & Collaboration): Integration and Collaboration

 4. P (Professionalism): Professionalism