On May 11, 2555 Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Has approved the establishment of College of Allied Health Sciences. It aims to provide teaching in the fields of health sciences and medical sciences. Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University is well equipped with experience and success in teaching and learning Thai traditional medicine. Health Sciences (Nursing Care for Young Children and the Elderly) Health and Beauty Sciences

In addition, according to the plan, there are plans to open teaching in future related fields such as Chinese medicine medicine. Sports science and health Physical therapy Health and other fields are also a national policy response. And meet the University policy, goals, strategic plans, and mission to raise quality and community standards. And local country In addition to the production of graduates. The university also focuses on the research and development of the health of various disciplines, and focuses on the development of arts, culture and local wisdom. To international standards

 According to the 10th National Economic and Technological Development Plan, important policy and strategic plan is Promotion and development of community, social and local empowerment, the development of Thai universal wisdom, the care and maintenance of the health of the people and the community. It also promotes health tourism, statistics, and health workforce needs. It is found that Thailand lacks a large number of personnel including physicians, physicians, alternative health care, etc. It is necessary to produce and develop knowledgeable personnel. Skills and experience in care. And maintain the health of the people. Community and local To accommodate this need further.